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The "Case" Does Not Exist...
You are not here by chance.....

Whoever you are,
we were waiting for you.
You deserve everything

The One who believes, sees the dew in the morning
and stays crouched under the leaf,
waiting to enjoy and feel the sensation,
without never getting tired to wait.
Nobody can tell you at which height
you will raise to. Not even you will know it until you
will not have unfolded your wings.

Italian Version


The deception of the war

In the foreground
  The seven Seals of the Rays of Light
  How to obtain love?
The door of the Sky
Planetary Appeal for the arrival
       of the Universal White Brotherhood.

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We use the wings as image
not to frighten who
is not ready to see
our real essence

In the silence we whisper to the world......




They detach
from the ground
and start
inside the scent
of love.
They do not have wings
but they fly
with the heart;
they were born
in the world
and play
in the thoughts,
but now
they live
in the words.



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1 July 2006

This web site is entirely led
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The bybliographical sources,
historical and esoteric
will be reported.
It will be reported, whatever is revealed
by means of their voice.

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